Our Team

  • gemal woods hs
    Gemal Woods
    Creative Director Gemal founded Park Triangle Productions in 2003, and through the years has done a bit of everything: directing, writing, creative development, consulting, producing, designing, scripting, and programming. He
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  • erica-woods-ptp-web
    Erica Woods
    Producer Erica has more than 15 years experience in program management and communications. She brings an array of talents to Park Triangle projects, from scriptwriting and voice over direction, to
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  • hamilton-riley-ptp-web
    Hamilton Riley
    Production Chief Hamilton graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television. Hamilton has an incredible eye for detail and shot composition. Beyond his cinematography, which has
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  • myke pollard image
    Mychael Pollard
    Creative Audio Chief Mychael Taunrue Pollard is a native Washingtonian from Southeast Washington, D.C. Although he is known for performing with the Progressive Hip-Hop trio “Triflava” and many others from
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